Tom Booth


I bring together a strong technical background with a track record of great delivery, product strategy and stakeholder management. I believe that technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Engaging the people involved is critical. Users, team members, the C-level managers. We're people solving problems for other people.

Straight from my first role I was trying to marry cutting edge technology (NLP) with a great customer experience. I’ve shifted focus onto how platforms can support a growing business from both a strategic and operational perspective.

“Build something people want to use” summarises how I think about the platforms at RVU. Ensuring that there is clear value for the users and the experience interacting with them beats what we could buy externally.


Head of Engineering

RVU (Uswitch,,

March 2016 to now

Leading product, engineering and data for our three platform teams (Customer, Affiliate Marketing and Infrastructure) and support function (Reliability and Security). I lead and manage teams totalling ~25 staff, who deliver our multi-brand strategy allowing us to scale sub-linearly and make the most out of our customers. Some of these teams I’ve grown from scratch (Infrastructure, Reliability and Security) and others I took over as underforming and brought them up to scratch (Customer and Affiliate Marketing).

I conducted the technical and security due diligence for our biggest M+A acquisitions (Penguin Portals £508M and Mojo Mortgages). I now lead various value focused work streams integrating our platforms into these businesses.

I have delivered software - in Clojure, Golang, Ruby, Python and JavaScript - and infrastructure - via Terraform/Terrafying on AWS and GCP. But, I now predominantly spend my time on strategy, architecture, programme management and mentoring.

Lead developer

GDS (GOV.UK and Performance Platform)

August 2013 to March 2016

I led the developers in the Performance Platform team and then the GOV.UK teams. I was delivering software across the stack primarily in: JavaScript, Python, Ruby and Puppet.

My role consisted of significant departmental engagement both through the teams I was on and also as a GDS Service assessor. This also included working with the European Council's Semantic Interoperability Community.

Senior developer (Team Lead)


October 2010 to June 2013

I conceived of, pitched and delivered a new product that closed the gap between our customers and placing a trade. It used NLP to identify tradable markets in web pages that the customers were browsing, providing them a frictionless trading experience.

To speed up a Flash migration project I built an ActionScript -> JavaScript transpiler to shift substantial legacy business logic.

My delivery was done using Java and JavaScript.


Computing BEng (Hons)

Imperial College

2007 to 2010